Wuxing DK-04 | 3 in 1 Handlebar Switch


Wuxing DK-04 3-in-1 ebike switch for turn signal, lights and horn.

This is made to fit on mountain bike handlebars 22mm diameter.

Standard NC/NO switch for use with any voltage/device.

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You MUST double check the wiring on your controller before powering on the vehicle.

This is a switch, it will make or break connection between two wires.

The RED (POSITIVE) wire will be the input for your turn signal specified voltage. (5V/12V/24V)

The BLUE (RIGHT) and GREEN (LEFT) will be the turn signals output positive wires, the negative for your turn signals will be universal ground.

The horn and headlights use one wire for input and one wire for output each in case of different voltage equipment. (If both are the same voltage you can connect both inputs together)

The WHITE and GREY wires will be your input/output positive for the headlights whilst the YELLOW and BROWN will be the input/output positive for the Horn

Just like the turn signal the horn and headlights use a universal ground.  Only the positive wire is being controlled by the switch.

Super-ev is not liable for any damage caused by negligence or uninformed actions.

Wuxing products come with 30 day standard warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 cm





ABS, PA66, GF20

Cable Length

1.5m ±10%

Operating Voltage


Bar Clamp Diameter



Turn Signal, Horn, Headlight


Splash Resistant